A FaceRace party

By Mike Berg / April 25th, 2009 / Blog / No Comments

We had a pre-launch party for FaceRace on April 24th and it was a blast. The first playtest of the game went amazingly well, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to everyone who came out and played.

The purpose of the party was actually to generate new ideas for the word list that will ship with the game. To “inspire” (bribe) extra creativity, we gave away a new iPod nano to the person who submitted the most usable items. This generated a huge amount of hilarious new items for the word list, more than doubling what we had previously. I can’t wait to see what kinds of photos get taken for these expressions!

Here are the winning photos from one round of playtesting:

Getting sprayed in the ear with a water gun

Pushing the air out of a garbage bag full of diapers


You walk outside and your car is getting towed