Call for beta testers

By Mike Berg / August 28th, 2009 / Blog / 1 Comment

Bug TestingWe are opening up FaceRace to beta tester applications. The single-device mode of the game is feature-complete, so we thought we’d get some feedback on the gameplay while finishing off the networking and Facebook Connect features.

If you are interested in testing out a pre-release version of FaceRace, use the contact form.

Please let us know:

  • Your iPhone UDID.
  • Which model of iPhone you have (2G, 3G or 3GS).
  • Any experience you have testing software.

Note that due to the limited number of allowed AdHoc builds, we cannot necessarily give builds to everyone who applies.

Please use the same contact form for bug submissions and feedback (or use the in-app Feedback button).

Thanks for your interest!