Canadian Game Dev sees “Explosive Growth”

By Mike Berg / December 21st, 2009 / Blog / No Comments

maple-leavesIn a year with a lot of news about massive layoffs and several game developers closing their doors, Canadian Game Development numbers are going up.See the full article over at Gamasutra.

It seems Canada is good place to be if you’re making video games. There certainly is a lot of government support for game development in my own province of Manitoba, including an Interactive Digital Media Fund, a grant for going to trade shows and other marketing events, and an employer tax credit (more info here). We also have one of North America’s only game studio incubators. There’s also lot happening in new media in Manitoba; check out these excellent profile videos.

All these things make game development in Manitoba a great thing for me, as I’m taking advantage of all of these things, and the cost of living here is manageable for a startup that began as a hobby. It’s great to see that game dev is flourishing throughout the rest of the country, as well.

Photo by Kriss Szkurlatowski