Adding optimized voxel art from MagicaVoxel into Unity3D

By Mike Berg / April 19th, 2015 / Blog, Game Art for Devs / 13 Comments

Watch this 38-second video to see how to get a fully-optimized MagicaVoxel file into Unity

Get the latest version of MagicaVoxel here:

The method above requires version 0.96.1 or later.

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions, please use the comments section below, or find me on Twitter. I’d love to hear about any voxel game projects you might be working on.

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13 Responses

  • Thanks for the tutorial. I was optimising the mesh from magic voxel by hand before. This saves me a lot of time!

  • Thanks a lot Mike for the tutorial. I’m working on an animation using characters made in MagicaVoxel which I plan on carrying over in Unity for my game as well so this will save me heaps and heaps of time and effort.

    By Jehanzeb Alvi / 25th June 2015 at 1:40 pm Reply
    • You’re very welcome! Note that @ephtracy is working on adding geometry optimization directly to MagicaVoxel. See here:
      and here:

      Note that the optimization is a bit different from VoxelShop’s method, which merges flat faces and uses a texture for the different coloured voxels. MV will instead create new polygons for those voxels. Depending on the model, MV’s optimized geometry could still have quite a few more triangles than a model run through VoxelShop.

      • Will keep that in mind, thanks for the info Mike. I optimized my models using VoxelBox which reduced polygon count by around 82% (from 18K to 2.2K) which is huge. Thanks again for the tutorial, saved me a tonne of hassle. Appreciate it a lot.

  • Hello, I’m having a weird thing happen using this technique:
    You are able to see the seams where the voxels meet as a thin blue-ish line?
    Here’s an image of some assets I made which are showing the problem:

    • Do you have anti-aliasing turned on, in Unity? I’ve found that can sometimes show the seams. Unfortunately I don’t have another solution at the moment.

  • hi, I learnt this way to merges faces 1 year ago, MV can do this now but there are still many triangles.So doing through VoxelShop is better way I thought, but I forgot the last step on texture in Unity3D, the texture is so blurry, I even remember the last step is to be done in Texture Settings in Unity3D, unfortunately I tries lots of times and it still doesn’t work.Could you please tell me the the last step of Texture Settings in Unity3D, with great appreciation.

  • can’t install MagicaVoxel on my MacBook?

    Tried doing what they said: move app outside folder and move it back in again, didn’t work.

    Terminal doesn’t see the folder on my desktop?

    Can’t find any solutions on Google either.

    Any suggestions?

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