360iDev Fundraiser



Raising money to go to 360iDev

Here’s the short explanation:
I’m trying to raise money to go to 360iDev. If I don’t end up raising enough money this week, I’ll refund every donation. I need $1000 CDN. Read on for more details (and prizes!)

The scoop

As I recently posted about, I found out on April 1st (no joke) that I wouldn’t be able to go to 360iDev because the funding I was counting on fell through. A second attempt to get an Airmiles flight didn’t work out, as it’s too last-minute and all the Airmiles flights are sold out. For various health reasons (and the birth of a new baby!), my own contract work hasn’t been as profitable lately as I’d like, so I can’t afford the travel costs myself. This is NOT meant to be a sob story, but rather to say that bad timing and poor planning are not always the same thing.

Now, I had written off the whole thing (as you can tell by my post), and then got a huge response from the developer community on Twitter. @MarkusN offered to drive me to San Jose if I could get a flight to San Diego! And Dave Wiskus suggested the fundraiser idea (Twitter: 1, 2). He even wrote a great blog post about it. This experiment is something I never would have thought of on my own, but I thought it would be worth one last try, so here we are. If 50 people find it in their hearts to pitch in $20, then I’m all set!

Why am I going?

I was invited to speak at the conference on my perspective of making an iPhone game as a designer, who hired programmers (rather than a programmer who hired a designer, which is more common). This is an incredible conference, and an incredible opportunity for me to supercharge my game development career in many ways; through technical learning, but most importantly through networking with other like-minded developers from around North America.

I have a strong passion for games and game design (see company name). This is an area that I would love to be able to move into full time, and this conference is a big step in that direction.

Check out the conference website.

Here’s another blog post about the fundraiser. Thanks NDB Studios!

The prizes

I’ve got a few t-shirts still, and the top 10 5 donaters (whoops, turns out I miscounted how many I had left) will get one. If you’re coming to 360iDev, I’ll bring yours with me.

Promo codes

Some fellow developers have offered promo codes of their apps for me to distribute to people who donate. Big thanks to all these amazing sponsors!

That’s 146 promo codes, over $300 worth of apps!

A few other developers are confirming their promo codes with me. If you’re a developer and want to donate some promo codes, get in touch with me here.