The Unofficial Disc Drivin’ Tourney

The Unofficial Disc Drivin’ Tourney

Disc Drivin’ is a cool turn-based disc sliding game out by Pixelocity, a couple of veteran game dev brothers who have gone indie. This is their first game and they’ve really done a great job. In chatting with some friends online, I’ve decided to try running an impromptu round robin tournament.

  • All games will be 4-player, on a random track.
  • After the first round, 1st and 2nd place will advance in the A side, 3rd and 4th will go to the B side. After that, 3rd and 4th place will be eliminated.
  • You will get points based on which position you finish each race. See the Waiting List info, below.

After a game ends, someone should post a screenshot of the final standings (tap the player name to see all four players and their positions, then screencap it).

Message me on Twitter to let me know if you’re interested, but please note that the waiting list is now full. Make sure you send me your Disc Drivin’ username.

On Twitter, please use (and follow) the #disctourney hashtag, or you might not know what’s going on.

View the standings from the first tournament.

The Lineup – Round 2

Player name – Disc Drivin’ username – Twitter

Jeff Ruediger – drjest (@jeffruediger)
Eric Reid – ericreid (@ericreid)
Craig Sharpe – TeaRascal (@TeaRascal)
Markus Nigrin – markusn (@MarkusN)

Craig Kemper – Little White Bear (@lilwhitebear)
Kirby Turner – kirbyt (@kirbyt)
Zeke Marks – Zekers (@zmarks)
Whitaker Blackall – Whit (@wblackall)

Farès Fayad – Apollon (@FaresF)
Daniel Wood – loadedwino (@loadedwino)
Simon Edis – ezone (@Ezonecom)
Graeme Devine – zaphod (@zaphodgjd)

Carter Dotson – wondroushippo (@wondroushippo)
Danny – dannyswrld (@dnwrld)
Mike Berg – weheartgames (@weheartgames)
John Wilker – jwilker (@jwilker)

Jared Nelson – boardumb (@JaredTA)
Natalia Luckyanova – nattylux (@nattylux)
Brandon Gribin – bgribin (@bgribin)
Shane Crawford – shanezilla (@shanezilla)

Ken Carpenter – MindJuice (@MindJuiceMedia)
Brian Robbins – dubane (@dubane)
James – superbad (@superbad24)
Frederic Tessier – intruder_qc (@frederictessier)

Ariel Michaeli – ariel (@arielmichaeli)
Shelly Reid – shellyreid (@shellyreid)
Miguel Friginal – MysteryCoconut (@MysteryCoconut)
Owen Goss – otrain13 (@OwenGoss)

Nathan Firth – mrcrazy3000 (mrcrazy3000)
Nathan Eror – neror (@neror)
Keith Shepherd – kshep (@kshepherd)
Gavin Bowman – gavin (@GavinBowman)

Waiting list

Players will be assigned points for their standing in each race, 3 pts for 1st place, 2 pts for 2nd place, and 1 pt for 3rd place. At the end of the tournament, the lowest-scoring players will be moved to the waiting list, and the players from the waiting list will be rotated in to the next tournament.

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve decided to cap the waiting list. I want to have incentive to win, so you get to continue playing, and don’t want to have the whole list swap out. The list is now full until someone decides they don’t want to be a part of it any more. I think someone was running a tourney on Touch Arcade too,  you might want to check that out if you’re interested.

  1. Miguel Pereyra – bomb1c (@bomb1c)
  2. Ryan Evans – rje (@rje)
  3. Bronson Lane – bronson (@iOSLife)
  4. Jason Lee – Leeiii (@JLeeIII)
  5. Jayson Elliot – bonchon (@JaysonElliot)
  6. Colin Walsh – cgscolin (@celsiusgs)
  7. David Stanich – drstan00 <- those are zeros (@dstanich)
  8. Jaden Walker – theeternal (@theeternal)
  9. Casey – cjsbug (@cjsbug)
  10. Kevin Donovan – kevlar (@Kevlar_X)
  11. Max Johnson – emgeejay (@emgeejay)
  12. Brandon – qwertythebold (@QWERTYthebold)
  13. Steven King – madrogue (@madrogue)
  14. Gian Cruz – gianorama (@gianorama)
  15. Kuyi – tonzter (@kuyimobile)
  16. Brett Nolan – otggamer (@OTGGamer)
  17. Gareth Jenkins – 36peas (@36peas)

Tips, and how stuff works

I’ve been told that formal instructions are coming in an update. Here are some important tips from what I’ve learned so far:

  • Swipe speed and angle matter. You don’t just follow the aiming arrow exactly. You can swipe from the very bottom of the screen to the very top.
  • There’s an invisible “ceiling”. If you shoot to high up in the air, your disc will burst for lack of oxygen. Or something.
  • You need energy to use power-ups. You can get energy by:
    • Moving — it builds as you slide; faster if you’re behind.
    • Bumping other discs — you get some energy, they lose some.
    • Knocking a disc off the track — you get even more, they lose all of theirs.
    • Sliding through a lightning bolt.
  • You can only use power-ups while you’re moving.
  • It’s possible to use more than one power-up per turn.
  • Switch power-ups by pressing the button in the lower-left corner. You can even switch power-ups while you’re sliding.
  • Power-ups are:
    • Turbo: Boosts in the direction you’re moving so be careful around walls or you could go sideways or even backwards. This *adds* to the speed you are currently going. Boost plates that you slide over send you straight forward at a fixed speed, no matter what speed or direction you were going when you hit them.
    • Stop: helpful to keep you from falling off the track, or to line yourself up for a jump, or stop yourself after a jump.
    • Oil slick: Randomly changes the direction your disc is going (still moves more or less forwards though).
    • Bomb: Goes boom.
    • Ghost: go through bumpers, obstacles, other discs, oil slicks & water. Bombs break apart if you hit them while ghosted. Will still bounce off the track walls. If you end your turn “inside” an obstacle or another disc, you get reset to your starting position but don’t lose any energy.
    • Jump: DIY shortcuts. If you land a wicked jump, record with a video camera and share it on DiscTumblin’. We’ve seen some ridiculous moves.