Face Race Overview

Add PlayersAdd Players

Add any number of players to a game by simply snapping their photo, without even typing in their names.

FaceRace is an iPhone game for a whole room full of people.

Take PhotosMake Faces

Playing with two iPhones*, two players are randomly chosen for the first match. Two other players will photograph them. The photographers will prompt the players to make a face or pose that matches the item shown on the screen. Both players get the same list of words in the same order. The first one to finish their list wins a “Finish Line Bonus”.

*Pass-and-play with a single phone is also available.

Take PhotosVote

The photos are presented side by side. All the other players in the room vote on which photo is the funniest, most accurate, most zany, or whatever! Points are awarded for speed and for winning votes.


facebookLog into your Facebook account and upload photos directly from your phone. If the FaceRace players are also in your Facebook friend list, the photos can automatically be tagged with Facebook photo tags.