From the ashes…

By Mike Berg / April 5th, 2010 / Blog / 2 Comments

The fundraiser idea was a huge success!

This community-driven fundraiser was hobbled together on April 3, a mere 2 days ago, very shortly after I had given up on the dream of attending – and speaking at – 360iDev.

Within 12 hours of posting the fundraiser page, there was $460 pledged. At the end of the second day, $695. At around noon today, it topped out at $1000. Plane tickets were purchased very shortly thereafter; which was a near thing, as they were beginning to sell out already.

You guys… are so awesome.

Many of the donations were from people I’ve never spoken to before, even on Twitter. Many of the donation amounts blew my mind. Your generosity is amazing. I plan to squeeze every drop out of this conference, and I can only hope you can get something valuable out of my session, if you’re attending.

Thanks, thanks, thanks. I am – nearly – speechless.

Here’s to community.