Sad news regarding 360iDev

By Mike Berg / April 1st, 2010 / Blog / 4 Comments

UPDATE: This post is not the end of the story… click here to see a last-ditch community-driven fundraiser effort to remedy the situation…!

I’ve put off making this announcement because there was still hope that things might turn around, but it is now confirmed. I am very sad to say that I will not be attending 360iDev in San Jose on April 11-14.

First let me say that John Wilker and I have been talking, and we are going to see if I can do my session remotely. Thanks to Owen Goss for the inspiration to do that with his remote participation in Denver’s game jam!

How did this happen?

I had been holding out hope that the funding I had applied for in early February would come through. This would have paid for 75% of all land & air travel, and food expenses. Today I found out that with the new provincial budget approved last week, that fund no longer exists.

Upon hearing this, I was generously offered the use of a family member’s Airmiles. The timing is too short now, though, as all Airmiles seats to San Jose and San Francisco are sold out.

So unless some unknown benefactor decides to sponsor me (anyone… anyone…?), I can’t personally afford to make the trip… this year. It makes me very sad to miss out on such an incredible opportunity, especially after being invited to come and speak. Know that I will be with you in spirit. You all better be tweeting about anything interesting that happens! 🙂

And who knows, maybe I’ll make an appearance at the Game Jam, Owen-style. I do have a pretty sweet idea for it…

Well, shucks

I have to extend my sincerest apologies to all the attendees and especially to the organizers, John, Nicole and Tom. I hate to bail on something like this. These guys are doing such an amazing job pulling this conference together, it sucks to be a speed bump along the road.