Screencast 3: Resizing? Use vector shapes.

By Mike Berg / July 21st, 2010 / Game Art for Devs / 2 Comments

The latest entry in my iDevBlogADay “Photoshop for Devs” series, we’re going to go into vector shapes in more detail. Vector shapes allow you to create graphics that can be scaled without losing detail.

Helping iPhone developers hate using Photoshop a little less with simple tricks that make workflows more efficient. View the rest of the screencasts in the “Photoshop for Devs” series.

  • The basics: creating shapes.
  • Selecting and moving points using the Path Selection Tool.
  • Editing points (adding and removing points, converting points from corners to curves)
  • Booleans (subtracting a shape from another, changing boolean settings after)
  • Copy and paste shapes within a layer and from one layer to another

Also note that the rectangle and rounded rectangle shape tools have this somewhat-hidden checkbox that helps to ensure your shape edges are right on the pixel-edge:

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