Screencast 4: Making Skins & Themes with Photoshop Slices

By Mike Berg / July 28th, 2010 / Game Art for Devs / No Comments

Do you have skins or themes in your game? Do you arduously make changes to multiple Photoshop documents and save out new PNGs every time you make a change to a theme?

The latest entry in my iDevBlogADay “Photoshop for Devs” series, I show you how to make a master theme template for your games using a single Photoshop file, and export all the required images in a single step. This process can save you hours of annoying, repetitive work.

Helping iPhone developers hate using Photoshop a little less with simple tricks that make workflows more efficient. View the rest of the screencasts in the “Photoshop for Devs” series.

  • Lay out your template file using shape layers and “placed” textures for resolution independence.
  • Use Photoshop Slices to cut up the document and save out multiple PNG files.
  • Create a new theme and save out a whole new batch of images in a few seconds.
  • Use Adjustment Layers to quickly create colour variant themes.

Download the finished Photoshop file that was created in this screencast.

Recorded, edited and uploaded with Screenflow.

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