Screencast 9: Combining multiple copies of a layer effect

By Mike Berg / September 22nd, 2010 / Game Art for Devs / No Comments

The latest entry in my iDevBlogADay Photoshop for Devs series, I show you how to apply multiple copies of a layer effect to single shape by duplicating the layer and setting the fill to zero.

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  • Blend multiple shapes, sizes and styles of gradient on a single shape
  • Add a stroke
    NOTE: I realized after recording this that the only reason you’d make a duplicate layer to set a stroke, as I did, would be if you already had a smaller stroke on the object. I’ve added this in to the PSD download to show how multiple strokes can be added using this method. Having the stroke on the main layer would cover the “halo/fringe” effect described in the screencast, eliminating the need to set the fatter stroke to ‘Center’. D’oh!
  • Knock out inner layer effects using a stroke set to 0% opacity.

Recorded, edited and uploaded with Screenflow.


Download the finished Photoshop document that was made in this screencast (includes the extra Stroke, as described in the note above).

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