Screencast 7: Never erase again – Using layer masks to erase non-destructively

By Mike Berg / September 8th, 2010 / Game Art for Devs / 1 Comment

The latest entry in my iDevBlogADay Photoshop for Devs series, this one’s a short-but-sweet intro to using layer masks in Photoshop. Layer masks are used to hide areas of a layer without deleting any of the layer’s colour information. I always use layer masks rather than the erase tool. You never know when you’re going to want those pixels back.

Helping iPhone developers hate using Photoshop a little less with simple tricks that make workflows more efficient. View the rest of the screencasts in the “Photoshop for Devs” series.

  • Erasing non-destructively with layer masks
  • Fine-tuning layer masks with tools like Blur
  • Making a selection from your mask
  • CAUTION: make sure you’re editing the mask and not the layer
  • Moving or copying masks from one layer to another
  • Using vector masks and combining them with pixel masks

Recorded, edited and uploaded with Screenflow.

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