360iDev Game Jam goes global

By Mike Berg / November 4th, 2010 / Blog / 1 Comment

Leading the way in indie awesomeness, Noel Llopis – @snappytouch – has rounded up a group of developers (including yours truly) to sponsor the 360iDev Game Jam in Austin next week. We’ve been talking a lot about how to take it up a notch. There was a lot of interest expressed, so we decided it was important to open it up to developers around the world, not just 360iDev conference attendees.

I’m working on a website (full site coming soon) for the game jam that will allow anyone who wants to participate in the game jam to post their progress and get seen, as well as comment on and support other devs as it all goes down. When the site goes live you’ll be able to register for an account and create a post for your project for all the world to see.

If you need some inspiration, or just want to get psyched, check out these posts:

Here’s the rest of the awesome sponsors: