We Heart #iSketchADay

By Mike Berg / January 15th, 2011 / Blog / 5 Comments

As has been known to happen, something extremely cool has been created out of nothing more than a Twitter conversation. @mysterycoconut, @LordBron, @tearascal, @rje, and @chaoticbox were talking about sketching more, and #iSketchADay was born.

It’s a casual, no-rules way to encourage all of us wannabe artists to sketch more, and share it with everyone. Draw whatever you like, post as often as you want, and don’t worry about it looking “good”. We want to draw more. Join us.

Here’s my first entry. I hope to see many more of my own, and all of yours.

I’ll post more sketches as I do them, after the break:

Gandalf, a work in progress:

The Balrog, a speed sketch (I promise they won’t all be LOTR):