Office High-Five v0.6 now on GameJolt

By Mike Berg / July 20th, 2015 / Blog / No Comments

You can now play an updated version of Office High-Five on GameJolt. I’ve added 28 office co-workers to the game, all based on real people who submitted their own voice clips!

Note: Below the high score is a number that represents the speed of the game. In the future, I will be adding different difficulty settings, but for now, let me know if you feel like it gets too fast later in the game, or if it could faster.

Roadmap for future versions:


  • use 3d text (like the tutorial text at the beginning) for all UI.
  • add 3 difficulty levels so that people can start at a higher speed, with a higher speed cap.
  • add more wall shapes and obstacle types


  • add a “smart” tutorial that only shows up if you don’t already know how to play


  • make obstacles, difficulty settings and co-workers into unlockables that you earn as you play the game



If you want to be in the game too, get more details here.

This is my first game. Any thoughts or feedback are greatly appreciated! Thanks for playing!